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New Build Services in Bolton, Warrington, Worsley, and Wigan

At MKW Builders, we recognise that creating your ideal home involves a substantial financial commitment and a unique journey. Our team is committed to bringing your vision to life, delivering high-quality craftsmanship, and making sure your new build goes above and beyond. When it comes to high-quality new construction, MKW Builders is your go-to partner.

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Why Choose MKW Builders?

Local Expertise

With a wealth of local knowledge, MKW Builders makes sure that your new build meets the highest international construction standards in addition to being customised to the particulars of Wigan, Bolton, Warrington, or Worsley. We can easily navigate planning regulations thanks to our extensive local knowledge, making the building process easy and stress-free for you. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Our dedication to superior craftsmanship distinguishes us. Our builders take pride in their work to complete everything from the base to the finishing touches. MKW Builders combines structural integrity and visual appeal with high-quality materials and modern building methods to build homes that endure.

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Our Process of Working on New Builds


During a comprehensive initial consultation, we start by learning about your objectives, preferences, and financial situation. This lays the groundwork for a customised new build plan that fulfils your requirements.

Design & Planning

Our skilled designers and architects work together to produce a custom design that meets your requirements. Our proficient handling of planning permissions guarantees a seamless approval procedure.


Our talented builders meticulously execute every detail to make the design a reality. Every step of the process, from foundation installation to finishing touches, is done under stringent quality control procedures.

Finishing the Work

We perform a thorough assessment after everything is finished to make sure you love everything about your new house. Our dedication doesn't stop there; we offer follow-up assistance to handle any questions or issues, guaranteeing customer satisfaction

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New Build Services FAQs

What heating systems are typically installed in new builds in the UK?

Gas-fired central heating systems are the most often installed heating systems in newly constructed homes in the United Kingdom. This typically consists of thermostatic controls, radiators in every room, and a combined boiler. On the other hand, alternative heating methods like electric boilers or air-source heat pumps may be utilised in places without access to the gas grid. 

Are new build properties energy efficient?

Indeed, stringent construction requirements to enhance energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions apply to newly constructed houses in the UK. This covers the specifications for renewable energy sources, double glazing, insulation, and effective heating systems. High energy efficiency criteria are met in the construction of many newly constructed homes; these properties are often certified as Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 or above. 

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What are the primary benefits of opting for new build services?

New build services offer unparalleled flexibility, customization, and quality control, enabling clients to realize their unique vision with precision and efficiency.

How long does a typical new build project take to complete?

The duration of a new build project varies depending on factors such as project scope, size, complexity, and external factors like weather conditions and regulatory approvals. Generally, residential projects may span several months to a year, while commercial or industrial projects may extend over multiple years.

What role do architects play in the new build process?

Architects play a pivotal role in the new build process, translating clients' visions into cohesive design plans that balance aesthetic appeal, functionality, and regulatory compliance.

How can I ensure the sustainability of my new build project?

Embracing sustainable design principles, materials, and construction practices is key to ensuring the environmental sustainability of new build projects. Collaborating with experienced professionals well-versed in sustainable construction methodologies can help navigate this aspect effectively.

What factors should I consider when selecting a new build services provider?

When choosing a new build services provider, factors such as reputation, experience, expertise, portfolio, communication, and compatibility should be carefully evaluated to ensure successful collaboration and satisfactory outcomes.

What are some common challenges encountered during the new build process?

Common challenges in new build projects include budgetary constraints, regulatory hurdles, site constraints, material sourcing issues, weather-related delays, and coordination complexities among various stakeholders.

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